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Illinois & Missouri chruch ministry insurance claims process

Ministry Claims Processing

Claims Reporting Procedure
During regular business hours call the Gearhart office at 618-529-2261 or toll free at 866-680-0268. We will discuss your situation and get the claims process started.

After hours and on weekends you may contact your agent or you may contact your insurance carrier directly.

Adjusting Your Claim
Your home office adjuster may need more information than initially reported. Provide any information requested in a timely manner so that the claim can be fully processed.

Some losses require an on-site inspection by an independent adjuster. Cooperating with their requests will help establish the full extent of your damages and/or circumstances pertaining to the loss, give you guidance to settle your claim, and help the home office adjuster to complete his task as quickly as possible.

Additional Information
You should contact the authorities in cases of burglary, theft, vandalism, auto accidents and other incidents where the law has been violated.

Make necessary emergency repairs to prevent further loss from happening. For example, spreading plastic over holes in a roof to prevent water damage inside or pumping water out of an area where water pipes have burst and setting up fans to help dry things out.

If someone is injured, see that medical care is provided immediately.